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Edith dear,

In the past I know I have been hard on you. Pro Mary, anti Edith. I don’t know if Mary and I—both oldest sisters—had some kind of connection or what, but my opinion has done a complete 180. I can’t abandon Mary completely; we both understand how annoying little sisters can be (sorry, but I have two myself). We have mostly outgrown the constant bickering, but I feel so sorry for you. Isn’t Mary a tad too old to be constantly putting down her younger sister?

I watched part two of the finale last Wednesday. I must say Mary gave big sisters a bad name (okay, I am not a saint, but it’s my birthright). I never thought I would say this, but you need to get out of that house! It is one jab after another! You have to take it day in and day out. Tom offered, and I truly think you and Marigold would be happier in Boston. It’s just like Tom was saying, you could find a job at a newspaper and Marigold would already have a friend in Sybbie. The perfect plan, right…?

I wouldn’t even care if something “happened” between you and Tom. The two of you have been off on your own lately.   I just wanted to encourage you to explore that option. He is very handsome and you would have a friend (or possibly more), somewhere where you could make a fresh start. Please just think about it.

Sorry for my previous opinion,



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