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Courtesy pbs.org

I watched Sunday’s episode last night and was mostly disappointed—not with the plotlines, but the characters and their circumstances. I will bawl if Tom leaves! And poor Isobel (not a typo). She is the sweetest woman, but how can she marry the man she loves with sons like that? And Lady Grantham probably feels like she has her best friend!

I was, however, thrilled with Edith! It’s sad that it took her this long, but I expected her parents to react that way. They were too thrilled at another granddaughter to be disappointed with Edith.

But the worst was Isis! She has been such a fixture on the show. Cora reading in the library, and she is lying comfortably on the floor. Lord Grantham is outside to do his inspection of the grounds and here is Isis, tagging along, sniffing.

I just hope in Sunday’s episode—and episodes in future seasons—still contain her hindquarters with her tail, wagging a mile a minute.

I miss her already!