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I promised myself I wasn’t going to do a post today and instead work a half-done essay for my class. But when I saw today’s Daily Prompt, how could I not do one! Mind you the subject is not Downton related, but has English roots with an English name and a connection to the queen. It’s my sweetheart, Margaret Elizabeth Tharp, who is pictured on the bottom left corner of my main page.


Is it me, or is she smiling?

An Ode to Maggie on this Valentine’s Day

Honey, I am smitten. You provide me with so much joy. I could be having a bad day, a hard time at therapy or in a bad mood, and I do a complete 180 when you get up on my bed and start kissing my face or hands. You have to be right where I am, and become distraught when I’m not home, just moping around.


Note the sliver of little pink tongue!

And how you make me laugh! Whether sprawled on your back, chasing lizards, or begging for sugar snap peas, I love you.




Your turn! Do you have an ode to a not-so-typical love this Valentine’s Day?