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I knew I said I would post once or twice a week, but isn’t this my fourth this week? It’s the darn Daily Posts. Why did I subscribe? Just kidding! If you subscribe too, you know today’s prompt was to explain something complicated (boy, Downton sure is; I have no idea how the writers keep it all straight!) and put it layman’s terms. It’s a challenge, but I’m up for it.

I’m going to explain who’s who in the Crawley clan.

Courtesy: dallasdivasderby.com

First let’s start with the basics. The show follows the Crawley family, who are extremely wealthy and live in 1920s England by now, and their servants. Robert Crawley, the head of the house, is extremely conservative and doesn’t like change. In comparison, his wife Cora is more laid back–almost a “free-spirit” in comparison to her husband.

They had three daughters until their youngest, Sybil, died in childbirth, so now there are two. Mary, the oldest, isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She was married, to Matthew, the heir to the estate, but he died in season three (I think) and they have a son, George. She spent season four basically in a depression, but in season five she is ready for love again. Then there is Edith, who has middle child syndrome. SORRY, SARAH! It always seems to be poor me! I can almost hear her whining, (insert voice of Jan Brady here) “Mary, Mary, Mary!” She had a daughter, Marigold, out of wedlock, with a German guy who was married. He went back to Germany and we don’t know if he will ever be back. I have my doubts. Only her aunt and grandmother know about the baby. Edith sent Marigold to live with another family, but now they won’t let Edith see her daughter.

There are more Crawleys and more plot lines, but those are the show’s main focus.