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*SPOILER ALERT!* If you’re not current on your episodes, please come back later!

Dear Tom,

I don’t know if my opinion counts for anything, but I don’t think Miss Bunting is the one for you. She is extremely opinionated, and those opinions get her in trouble. Just think of the very awkward dinner in which Lord Grantham had had enough and stormed off. Do you want a life of that?

Can you say “uncomfortable’? Courtesy: thenewpotato.com

I know that since Sybil died you don’t feel like you fit in with the family, but on more than one occasion you have been told that that was ridiculous, that you are part of the family. I just wish you would believe them!

I’m also thinking of little Sybie. Doesn’t she deserve to know her grandparents?

Just food for thought.