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I have gotten a couple of people hooked on Downton Abbey at the place I go for physical therapy. And I was shocked when my younger sister, Sarah, started watching. She isn’t the historical drama type—she’s more The Bachelor or Housewives of Fill-In-The-Blank type. But I guess drama is drama, be it in 1920s England or 2015 America.

Last night Sarah brought something to my attention. The show started with the sinking of the Titanic, right? That was in 1914. The wagging tail of either Pharo or Isis that greets you at the beginning of each Downton Abbey episode is that of an adult dog. But 10 years have passed. I’m a huge dog lover, but shouldn’t that dog be in doggie heaven by now?

Here are some more things that make you go hmmm:

Notice the yellow no-parking curb below.

Courtesy dailymail.co.uk

Or this: someone left their water bottle on the mantle.

Courtesy cdn.images.express.co.uk

Or here: note the TV antenna.

Courtesy i.telegraph.co.uk










I feel horrible! (But I’m still a fan!)