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Probably like most of you, I watch Downton Abbey for the plot twists, scandals, and drama (!!!). But if you’re like me, you watch for another reason: The beautiful wardrobes. When I am watching Lady Mary, Lady Edith, or Lady Rose do anything—even just staying at home—they are decked out to the nines. There is a dress involved (extremely intricate; possibly beaded or a luxurious fabric), and accessories that are just as beautiful: Probably earrings, a necklace, and possibly a hat or something for their hair. Although being dressed like that every single day would probably get old, I’m so jealous!

I suppose I’m alone not in my sentiment. According to InStyle’s website, the stunning wardrobes of the Downton Abbey stars is making a comeback. Sales of dainty pearl jewelry, cloche hats, and evening gloves have skyrocketed. Actually, Ralph Lauren has a collection based on the Downton 20s era fashions!

Even Anthropologie, my favorite clothing store, has jumped on the bandwagon. I looked on their website and they had a few pairs of shoes I could see the Crawley girls wearing, and lots of hair accessories: Jeweled bobby pins and sparkly headbands like Rose wears.

It’s going on 100 years since the 20s. But like they say, what goes around comes around. Now, if only I had an upcoming gala…