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Although I enjoyed Sunday’s episode (how could I not with all that DRAMA), I was disappointed with the characters. Or more like two of the characters. (Note: The episode I’m talking about aired on January 11—if you haven’t seen it yet, read no further!)

Photo courtesy of thetimes.co.uk

First off there’s Edith, whom I just plain don’t like. I don’t know why—no, actually I do.

She’s always taking the easy way out. She’s selfish. She knows what’s right; she just doesn’t want the possible consequences. Take Sunflower. Edith got pregnant out of wedlock. Instead of doing the hard yet noble thing—telling her parents—she pawned her child off on a family that already has its hands full. Did you see all those kids? Come on. I know Edith is now Sunflower’s “godmother,” but I predict that the truth will come out. Thomas is very nosy, after all…

Then there’s Mary.

How could she send Anna on such an errand with all Anna’s been through? You could tell Anna was embarrassed, yet Mary persisted. The always-sweet Anna gives in, then gets grief at the pharmacy. When the pharmacist was lecturing, I wanted to yell IT’S NOT FOR HER! But I have a prediction. The pharmacist, after seeing Anna’s wedding ring, said the birth control wasn’t very reliable. When it doesn’t work, I think Mary will send her baby to live with the same family.

I think Edith and Mary are cut from the same piece of cloth—or maybe silk, in this case. What do you think? Do you agree? Or do you have a different theory all together? I’d love to hear your thoughts!