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  1. I could play with Isis and Pharo anytime I wanted.
  2. I could enjoy Mrs. Patmore’s cooking.
  3. I could get dressed in my prettiest dress just to have dinner.
  4. I would have Anna to confide in.
  5. I would have an entire library of books to choose from. Walls and walls. In every room.
  6. I could always be entertained by Granny and her sarcastic comments.
  7. Like Mary, I am the oldest of three daughters–although Mary (SPOILER ALERT) ends up being the oldest of two after Sybil dies–and I would have handsome suitors fighting over me.
  8. I would live in a beautiful castle.
  9. I could host lavish balls and do none of the preparation or cleanup.
  10. I could wear a fancy updo for relaxing at home.
  11. No pesky neighbors–your property goes on for miles.